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    We at Yash Global Consultants, a visa consultant in Singapore, provide skilled worker visas for all job seekers, investors, or company owners who want to immigrate to the US, UK, Australia, or Canada for employment and stay there permanently.

    Qualified individuals who wish to relocate to a foreign country in search of better opportunities may apply for a skilled work visa. The process for accepting an application for a skilled worker visa will be based on the skills, aptitudes, and educational backgrounds of the applicants.

    To move for job, you must process visa applications, make work permits, and fill out skilled immigration documents for Canada or Australia. This is a significant lot of paperwork. In this situation, choosing the best immigration experts in Singapore becomes essential.

    A direct procedure is followed by the immigration firm in Singapore, Yash Global Consultants, enabling qualified professionals to secure a visa for Canada and Australian skilled immigration.

    To proceed with the skilled worker visa process, select your preferred nation.

    Canadian Skilled Immigration

    Canada has a solid reputation for its diversification and economic growth. It is intriguing that the country continues to admit qualified immigrants.

    Australia Skilled Immigration

    Genuine and complete assistance with skilled immigration from Singapore to Australia is provided by Yash Global. Select your desired country to start the skilled worker visa application process.

    We provide all kinds of Skilled Immigration Services that will bring your dreams into reality

    How Are We Potentially Able to Assist You in Obtaining a Skilled Worker Visa for Canada and Australia?

    Obtaining a skilled worker visa is similar to realizing a long-held professional goal! We’ll guide you through the procedure and make it simpler for you to achieve your objective using the knowledge of a team of ICCRC and RCIC Agents and advisors who have been approved by the Canadian Immigration Council. Our visa and immigration processes entail:

    • Fill up an online application and submit the required data.
    • One of our certified immigration advisers in Singapore will schedule a meeting with you to continue the conversation after analysing the documents.
    • Our experts will arrange your papers in compliance with the rules and legislation governing immigration in the country.
    • You are now prepared to apply for a skilled worker visa for Australia or Canada.

    Why are you holding out? Allow the Singapore immigration agency Yash Global Consultants to take care of all your requirements so that your travel is easy and hassle-free.

    Frequently Asked Questions On Skilled Immigration Program

    Application for a visa triggers the first round of immigration check and questioning. After that, interviews take place at embassies. After the interview, if all goes well, the immigrant will be awarded with a visa.

    The application fee for the skilled immigration system varies by country and province.

    Immigrants who possess the skills required to advance Canada's economy are referred to as skilled workers. The Skilled Immigration Program is one of the most popular ways for skilled immigrants to enter Canada, while there are other options as well.

    A work visa issued under the Skilled Immigration Program may be valid for one to three years, depending on the program and occupation.

    To qualify for the skilled immigration program, you must meet a few conditions. Requirements include having a high school diploma or its equivalent, a valid passport, and being at least 18 years old. Also, you need to have the organisation check your credentials to see whether it is legitimate.