I am really happy at this point of time and I think getting an ITA in just 45 days is a very big deal, I am very thankful to Priya ma'am. I think just because of her that we were guided really nicely and I am very overwhelmed right now, thank you so much. I would greatly recommend Yash Global Consultancy, I have made a really good decision coming here and it's all because of them the entire team have really helped me ou kept me updated on everything , so I am just really happy I got it. Thank you so much I will definitely recommend Yash Global.


I am very grateful that somebody guided me to go to Yash Consultants because when I filed my application I was misguided by another consultant, my score is 490 but they made my score 465 ,that's why now I get my Invitation for PR within 24 hours and like it was really nice to see that everything is very systematic here, especially Pria ma'am who guided me properly and with utmost care and I would recommend everyone who is feeling like to settle in abroad or feeling like to do something in their life overseas, to come here.

Manpreet Kaur

I am really grateful to each ad every member of Yash Global wh helped me in getting my Invitation To Apply. I was next to impossible that I received my ITA within 48 hours and each and every member especially Priya ma'am and Navneet sir; They have a vast knowledge about the Permanent Residency and I was not sure that I would be able to apply for it but definitely yes I was. I am really grateful and I recommend each and every person to come here and go ahead for their filing.


I would like to congratulate the entire team of Yash Global Consultants for their expertise, hard work, and their guidance. I stared my journey on my on the last year but don't get any satisfactory results, so a friend of mine gave the reference of Yash Global Consultants and they guided me through all the possible ways like they introduced the PNP and other R programs newly introduced by the Canadian Government and helped me to get my PNP in just a span of on month so Kudos to the entire team of Yash Global Consultants. Last but not the least I would like to recommend everybody who is willing to settle in Canada as they will help you in making your dreams come true.Thank you so much.

Ramta Flora

I really appreciate the effort of your guys and it's really appreciable, thank you so much to the whole organization especially Priya ma'am. She is very informative, and every process with her was organized, I am really happy. I am very happy that I contacted this organization, especially Prya ma'am. She put in her hard efforts and she insisted on modifying my profile in such a way that it could get selected as soon as possible. The organization works in a very good manner and everything is very organized and specially everything is formal, the process is so formal, thank you so much. I will definitely recommend this organization to all of my friends and my siblings.


Thank you so much, I am very happy to finally receive my ITA. I would like to tell you that this is my first time that I applied for ITA and I am so glad I did it with Yash Global. My brother's friend was the one that suggested that I apply through Yash Global Immigration, your time and money wll be saved. Dilpreet ma'am in the first meeting itself gave me very good counseling and then Navneet ma'am from Operations has worked hard on me. From time to time she checked out my profile and took updates from me. She helped me through all my requirements. If you too want to apply for your or your siblings or relatives I suggest that you do it with YASH Global Consultants. You too will be happy with the outcome, same as me.

Ms. Kalamjit Kaur

Firstly I am really thankful to Priya ma'am who guided me very nicely and I achieved this achievement of getting a student visa and I also want to thank Harshta ma'am who proceeded my file admirably and worked late nights for it. Gave me timely updates through emails and I didn't feel that I was scammed at all like other agents that are in the market today. I will recommend you too to come to Yash Global Immigration Chandigarh and proceed with your file. I am also thankful to Harman ma'am Pratap sir who has helped me tremendously to get better and reach this position.

Mr. Abhishek

I am very happy to be a pat of the YGC family. I would like to thank Atush and Priya ma'am because these two are the members of the YGC, because of whom I am here. Atush is the one who patiently treated all my tantrums and priya ma'am who cleared all my doubts at every point where I was worried So I would like to thank all the two from the bottom of my heart and although being in YGC team is not only happy moment to be here but also the members of YGC are quite enthusiastic towards their work they are dedicated and do hard work. I would like to tank the woe amily of YGC. Thank you very much.

Ms Simreen Kaur

First of all, I am really thankful to Yash Global Consultants and to the whole team , especially to Dilpreet and Navneet ma'am, they guided me very well throughout the process. I got my invitation within between fifteen days of filing and the guidance is very wonderful and amazing. I would like to suggest the people who like to apply to Canadian PR to contact Yash Global Consultants for better guidance and counseling s that they get their PR or Invitation as soon possible


Firstly I am thankful to all the Yash Global team members. I would especially like to thank Priya Ma'am because of her hardwork and effort. I was able to get the Nomination Letter in one month itself. Besides that I would like to say that there are many consultants that misguide you or scam you into being rejected and that breaks your trust. I would like you to trust Yash Global and take their advice. My experience has been good with them and I recommend them to everyone.


I would like to thank Yash Global Consultants. They have guided me with great interest from the beginning. I trust them to guide you with the same dedication that I received. I am very thankful to Priya ma'am because of her confidence in me is how I achieved the Nomination letter. I want to request everyone that the market has many scammers that scam you for money so if you want to refer someone please refer Yash Global Consultants. You don't have to go anywhere except here. The success rate here is unbelievable


First of all I would really like to thank Priya ma'am and Harshta ma'am because as ma'am said I was very worried. Actually, I was because it was too late but now finally I got my study visa for Canada and even though I can't express my feelings about what's going on in my head I am feeling really very happy. Last but not least, I would like to recommend everybody to come here to Yash Global Consultants and file a case, and go through here you can go wherever you want to go.

Ms. Ramanpreet Kaur

We have been taking the services for the last 6-7 months and I am really impresses with the services that you all have provided to us and most importantly Priya ma'am was there for us to guide us in every step. It is quite hard to find these kind of people or we can say any company these days. There is so much fraud going on in this field, apart from that I am really happy that I have received this invitation due to all the guidance that has been provided by your staff. Thank you so much

Miss Shivani

I would like to thank the whole team of YGC especially Harshta ma'am, Harman ma'am and Partap sir ithwhom I get my Study visa , I recommend everyone to start their study visa from Yash Global Consultants Sector 8 Chandigarh, as the whole staff working here is very dedicated and hard working. They are perfect in all types of visas

Mr. Vansh

Thank you so much, I feel very happy after waiting for 2-2.5 months of hard work ,finally this is here. Thanks to Priya ma'am who kept faith in me and motivated me. Thank you ma'am for your hard work, for us. Thank you and please keep guiding people and working. Thank you.

Mr. Manpreet Brar

I am very thankful to the whole team. Especially Harshta ma'am, Atush Sir and Navneet ma'am. So, the whole team is very supportive and they answered my queries on time and were very satisfactory. I am very thankful to them an di recommend all of you to contact them especially for PR Files.

Ms. Sandalpreet Kaur

I am today very happy because I received my visa from Canada and I wanted to thank Yash Global Consultants and the whole team for this and especially Harshta ma'am, how she helped me with the problem I am facing and I just want to thank the entire team . Thank you.


My experience with yash Global Consultants was very smooth and I am very thankful especially to Priya ma'am and Harshta ma'am for making it very easy and thank you so much for everything.

Ms.Navneet Kaur

Firstly, I want to thank Harshta ma'am and the whole Yash Global team for helping me out to get the study permit. As my case was that I had a gap of 10 years between my study and I am very grateful to the team for helping me out for the study permit. Thank you.


My experience was great and you guys did a splendid job, thank you very much.