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    Contact the best work permit visa brokers in Singapore, Yash Global Consultants, to realise your dream! We are the best immigration company that provides services for work permits and visas. Our goal is to bridge the recruiting gap between organisations that need qualified workers and the organisations that can provide them. Finding qualified employees and enabling their immigration are both something we can help you with. To get you where you need to go, visa services are available from the US, Canada, Poland, and Czech Republic.

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    Benefits of working Abroad

    Do you intend to work abroad in the future? So, what are the benefits of working abroad? Working abroad offers you the ability to acquire new talents, learn new languages, enhance your communication skills, and enrich your social life in addition to helping you find a decent job and earn more money. Working abroad gives you, in addition to these benefits:

    • Good standard of living; better education for your children; 
    • Ease of obtaining a second citizenship in an industrialized country; 
    • Get a second passport and benefit from travelling to other nations without a visa.
    • Change your routine and your family’s routine.
    Eligibility Requirements for a Singapore Work Permit Overseas

    For the purpose of obtaining a work visa for abroad, the candidates must be exceptionally skilled in the occupations that are in great demand in Singapore. They should also possess the training and knowledge required in the field. It should be noted that the qualifying conditions may differ based on the country you choose.

    Several countries require candidates to submit their Language Proficiency Test Report. In these circumstances, before applying for a work permit visa, the candidates must take IELTS English language instruction and testing.

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    Yash Global Immigration Consultant in Singapore has access to a large network of specialists in immigration and visa procedures. You may rely on us to give you the right direction for all of your demands.


    The following is a list of the top occupations in Poland:

    • Engineers
    • Doctors & nurses
    • Technicians

    No! A work permit will be given to the business to carry out the specific job. An employee must get a new work permit with the name of the new employer and their new position if they want to change employment.

    Applying for a work visa for Poland is straightforward. A minimum of the tenth grade must have been completed by the applicant. Unlike to other conditions for work visa permit eligibility, there are no restrictions for IELTS or prior relevant work experience.

    The cost to get a work permit for Poland varies depending on the type of visa you want. Make an appointment for a Free Consultation with one of our immigration advisors in Singapore to receive a free estimate for a Polish work permit visa.

    An employment permit normally takes two to seven months to complete. The type of visa you have requested will significantly affect how long it takes to complete.

    A properly completed application, information on the employer's business operations, copies of the candidate's current visa, and payment of the visa fee have all been received.